It is the time of the year, when parents and students are rushing to get ready for the impending school start. With all the frenzy at its peak, we decided to cover one of the most important aspects- school car rides.

What makes the perfect car for school rides? Most parents would answer this question unanimously with " a strong mix of comfort and performance". Our range of 7-Seaters are exactly that. The Galaxy, Grand C-Max and S-Max tick all the boxed for the perfect family car. 

The models are not only spacious, offering space for up to seven passengers, but are also a joy to drive. What else could you need? These 7-Seaters will give you the freedom to do your school runs to weekend trips with ease and efficiency. If it is the school runs in the morning, or you want to do a weekend trip along the coast. These cars will tackle it all.

The Ford Galaxy, is not only elegant, but is also an image of confidence with the air of sophistication. This 7-Seater comes with an intelligent AWD system, allowing you to have a smooth ride, wherever you are. The best part is, that even when you are in stress, a drive in the Galaxy is relaxing. Multi-contour seats give the driver and front passenger extra support and even offer you a massage. Could you imagine anything better for long journeys?

The Ford Grand C-Max, is a real family friend and simply a joy to drive. The Grand C-Max is the bigger version of the C-Max is not only extremely generous in size and stylish in shape, but it also transforms your journeys into experiences. The perfect car for those long drives at the end of a holiday or just for the weekly shop. The Grand C-Max can also perform, with its revolutionary 1.0 litre 3-cylinder EcoBoost delivering power, whilst being fuel efficient. This engine was not named "International Engine of the Year" for three years in succession, for no reason.

The Ford S-Max, also knows as a "sports activity vehicle" fit for a family, is an aspiration when it comes to family motoring. The S-Max comes with features like smart seating sytem and AWD, as well as calm, yet responsive steering, which is very easy going and lets you enjoy your drive. The Active Park Assistant, allows the driver to park in even the tight spaces with ease. The combination of direct fuel injections and the turbo-charger, delivers an unresolved level of performance and fuel economy.

So what are you waiting for?

Come by and have a look yourself!

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