• Effortless Connectivity

    Connect your Ford wherever you are.

Hassle free ownership

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    • Your Ford in the palm of your hand.

      Keep all your Ford’s important information in one place.

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    • Unlock new levels of vehicle control.

      Lock, unlock, start and stop your vehicle, all through FordPass.‡

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    • Ford financing, the fast and easy way.

      Access and manage your car finance through Ford Credit.

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    • Ford Service Booking at your finger tips.

      Book a service stress free.

Seamless Travel

    • Always arrive on time.

      Get to your destination faster with real-time Live Traffic updates.

    • Ford Pass real-time Live traffic updates

    • Find fuel near you.

      FordPass lets you find petrol conveniently en route.

    • FordPass Petrol

    • Find things to do instantly.

      Find and share destinations with your car.

    • FordPass GPS

    • Spend less time going round in circles.

      The best parking spots at the best price.

    • FordPass Parking

Stay on track with us.

  • Introducing FordPass Pro

    FordPass Pro is the new app designed for connected commercial vehicles. Whether you own one vehicle or up to five, FordPass Pro gives you the tools to keep your vehicles healthy, secure and running smoothly.>

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  • FordPass Guides are always ready to give mobility advice when needed.

    • Explore the self help articles on AskFord.
    • Use the Chat feature and we will quickly reply.
    • One-touch dial will allow you to speak to someone directly.      

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