Workshop Services

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Ford Service

Have your Ford Vehicle serviced by Ford trained technicians.

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Porsche Service

We also specialise in servicing and maintaining Porsche cars.

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Other Makes Service

Whatever make or model your car, our expert technicians have you covered.

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Air Conditioning Service

All vehicles fitted with air-conditioning require an air-con service every 2 years. This includes a system cleanse which stops the air-con smelling due to bacteria build up.

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Pre NCT Checks

Let us take the hassle out of your next NCT by performing a comprehensive pre test inspection.

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Four Wheel Alignment

Aligning your wheels can help maximise tyre life and ensure that your vehicle drives straight and true when on level surfaces. It will also improve your fuel economy.

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Ford Winter Check

A Ford Video Check, battery health check, essential fluid check & top-up (including antifreeze), and tyre safety check. All carried out together and priced at €40. However, customers can have the Check completed for as little as €20 when booked via the Ford Online Service Booking System (OSB) using code WINTER20.

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